Procrastination Busting Apps (Mac and Chrome)

So this is a really poorly defined goal. As with all the goals on here, I’m hoping to set myself some more complete, SMART parameters to get me on track. For starters, though, I’ve used a couple of pieces of software to help get me going

1) Rescuetime – Mac app to monitor my internet and app usage during the day

2) Stayfocusd – Chrome app that gives me a set amount of time (1 hour) to look at distracting websites before locking me out of them.

3) Firetask – to-do list organizer to help me break my goals down into steps.

I’ll note that I’ve tried the pomodoro method with its associated apps before, but the nature of my job doesn’t lend itself to 25 minute uninterrupted breaks – in science, you often have to do your desk work in odd intervals while waiting for something to happen with an experiment.


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