Setting up a workshop

At John’s suggestion, I picked up a book on forging called “Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop” and I’m starting to go through it. I don’t expect to actually get started for $50, since I may need to spring for more portable options for some of the equipment, but it’s a decent starting point at any rate. I’m not sure how I should move forward yet, but I’m thinking the way to go is going to be to find someone in PA who is willing to offer some mentorship and access to their facilities. In the longer term, I’d like to accumulate my own equipment and set up a workshop of my own. I doubt that I can operate a forge in an attached garage, so I’m going to have to either wait until I have a more suitable home or I’ll have to put together some kind of mobile unit that I can cart to a park or something. That last option might be impossible without a pickup truck, and might be really impractical anyhow, so I guess we’ll see what makes sense.


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