AFI Top 100 Film: Double Indemnity

Saw this one on Netflix streaming last night. This was apparently one of the defining movies of the film noir genre, and it was fascinating to me in a few ways. First, as is common with these older movies, I was amused by the changes in technology since the time the film was made. The idea of insurance offices having no computers is mind-boggling, and must’ve meant a completely different work environment for people of the time. Second, it seems that the portrayal of gender relations is a culture shock from today. Men seem to talk to women with no real respect and an off-putting air of superiority. Of course, I don’t know if this is the way it really was or if they’re just playing it up for film, but it was thought-provoking nonetheless. Finally, I thought that studying the way the story was framed and looking at the classic “noir” cinematography was curious, since movies really aren’t made the same way today. On the balance, this was a fairly interesting film and I think it’s one of the easier to watch films I’ve yet seen from that era.


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