My Novel – Crescent City

Crescent City Cover - Stan Stine

Crescent City Cover Art by Stan Stine

In the years after a man-made pandemic brought humanity to the edge of extinction, a band of survivors in the Broad Valley fights to keep the dream of civilization alive. Living in the ruins of a hospital, they built the Crescent City. Daniel Lawrence owes the City his life: Without the medicines they prepare, he’d have died as an infant. In return, he serves them as a field medic. On his first mission as a full-fledged Adept, he finds that the world outside the city is unforgiving, and threatens to destroy everything he stands for.

This is my first novel, and I’ve published it using the CreateSpace independent platform so it’s available in paperback and kindle editions. I’m always looking for feedback and collaboration opportunities so feel free to contact me if you do reviews or if you want to work on something together.

If you would like to read it, check it out here!

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